Academic Papers

Academic Papers

My Academic Papers

A synergy of institutional incentives and networked structures in evolutionary game dynamics of multi-agent systems

Lim IS, Capraro V (in press) IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs.

Playing with words: Do people exploit loaded language to affect others’ decisions for their own benefit?

Capraro V, Vanzo A, Cabrales A (in press) Judgment and Decision Making.

The evolution of honesty in higher-order social networks

Kumar A, Chowdhary S, Capraro V, Perc M (2021) Physical Review E 104, 054308.

National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic

Van Bavel JJ, Cichocka A, Capraro V, … Boggio PS (in press) Nature Communications.

Cooperation and acting for the greater good during the COVID-19 pandemic

Capraro V, Boggio PS, Böhm R, Perc M, Sjåstad H (forthcoming) In M. K. Miller (Ed.) The social science of the COVID-19 pandemic: A call to action for researchers. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Punishing defectors and rewarding cooperators: Do people discriminate between genders?

Capraro V, Barcelo H (in press) Journal of the Economic Science Association.

Mathematical foundations of moral preferences

Capraro V, Perc M (2021) Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 18, 20200880.

Does observability amplify sensitivity to moral frames? Evaluating a reputation-based account of moral preferences

Capraro V, Jordan JJ, Tappin BM (2021) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

The effect of norm-based messages on reading and understanding COVID-19 pandemic response governmental rules

Bilancini E, Boncinelli L, Capraro V, Celadin T, Di Paolo R (2020) Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, 4, Special Issue 1, 45-55.

Telling people to “rely on their reasoning” increases intentions to wear a face covering to slow down COVID-19 transmission

Capraro V, Barcelo H (2021) Applied Cognitive Psychology.